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January 12th, 2013

Because of the rain

I was ready for bed at 9-ish when I went home, and then I had something more to drink, and eat, and drink, and then music, and then drink.

Glancing at my Nice Jewish Guys calendar. 

Fought (competed?) with the Anesthesiologist over the stylette. It's what I did today. Among other amazing things. "I don't know you, but I like you."

Bought some real adult cookware today. You know, the stuff that breaks the bank and lasts forever. Cutlery to come up next. I grow up, eventually.

July 4th, 2012


I used to love writing stuff. When did I change?

I had a nice morning. Got home from work, went for a dog walk, retraced my steps because I lost my poop bag holder, got a nice little nod on my phone, saw people working to clear the burned units in the PPL building, ordered new poop bag holder(s). And I have a happy dog again. Listened to music all morning.

So I was thinking. The worst night of my nursing career happened on July 4th/5th. 4 years ago, or was it 5? I can't remember. Horrible... but I would handle it so much better now than I did that day. And I really am so ready to move on. This really needs to be my last year here. I need more.

My mom's house almost sold about a month ago. It left me wondering if I'd ever leave the city some day. I won't rule anything out. I'm hoping in 5 years or so I will be able to work anywhere.

I need to spend more time with the piano.

December 14th, 2011

This is how I cope.

-Days like today, which are few and far between. Things would be okay if only all days were like today.

-Rain in December.

-Criminal Minds.

-Things that remind me of Criminal Minds.


-NPH in general.

-Moonlight Mahjong.


-Oh Don Piano.


-New desktop tomorrow morning. Intel i7 quad-core. Doing my best to stimulate the economy. That's why they make med/surg nurses. Pay them well, abuse them, shit on them, and then they shop. And eat. And drink. To cope.

-Career change. Coming in 2012. 

October 18th, 2011

A day to remember

I've been waiting ten years to buy a piano, and this week is the week. Two days and I will have my piano. I crave it. My fingers ache for it. I need it. I also bought a chair, a stand, and like $75 worth of song books. Why? Why did I decide this would be the week to get the piano? Because I watched Babe: Pig in the City on Sunday and I decided that I NEED to play the Babe song RIGHT NOW. "If I had words to make a day for you... I'd sing you a morning golden and new." Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. So I ordered this one. 88 delightful hammer-weighted keys. A piano that pretends to be an acoustic piano. 

Wally is walking around with a toy. It's funny how he knows which toys are his and Casey leaves them alone. Yes, some of them are dog toys, but they are Wally's dog toys. Spike doesn't like toys. Spike likes food and cuddling and biting and eyeing and jumping on the refrigerator. 

I've been walking to the dog park on 4th and Grant-ish every day. Listen to some stuff on the way, catch up on some Scrabble while I'm there, meet new people or sit there alone. Oh, and I bring Casey. I have been setting at least an hour every day for this, more if I have the day off. It's the best part of my day.

Casey turned 3 on Oct. 2nd. We were coming home from Boulder Junction that day. It was an amazing time, just like last time. We saw some familiar faces. Pam and Vic, of course, and other Pam and Jack and John, and their dogs, and... I can't remember her name right now, but she brought her son this year instead of her daughter. We've already booked a cabin for next Spring, at least my mom has. I get a room should I choose to accept it, and I do. This time I went with Val and Julia and Buddy, Murphy, Libby, and of course Casey. Lots of dog. Lots and lots of dog. I made really yummy mushrooms and the three of us drank a case and a half of wine. What.

Found out today about Bethany leaving. She's going around leaving scars. Sad. I cried, and I never cry. It was an extra kick in the pants for me, though, to find something that I'm passionate about. I have a plan, but I need to strengthen it. My goal is to be out of there by this time next year. I want to do periop. I want to scrub and I want to circulate and I have wanted to do this since even before nursing school, but I just forgot. I've had the pleasure of being in the OR when I was 18 and once again in nursing school and it was thrilling. I met Vicky in nursing school who knows some of the people I work with and she was trying to talk me into it. I thought, "Yup, in the future." Well, now is the future. I have a few ways to get there, so I will do it. Ten years is long enough. I can not make it eleven.

2nd vacation starts in a week and a half! I love taking two vacations in Autumn. Worth it.

July 12th, 2011

(no subject)

 Why do I feel like I skipped 2009?

July 6th, 2011

(no subject)


Shockingly hilarious.

June 1st, 2011


 I'm obsessed with watching the Casey Anthony trial. I have lots to say about it, but I don't really have time right now. The scary thing is that I KNOW people who are just like her. 

I'm going to Boulder Junction, Wisconsin for a dog training weekend tomorrow. I like this.

March 19th, 2011

(no subject)

I still have most of the aformentioned wine left, which means I have been working too much.

Mini dog party.

March 3rd, 2011

(no subject)

I skipped February. In more ways than one.

I've gotten a lot done this week. My very first oil change in the Honda since buying it new over a year ago, bought new glasses, got my hairs did with some pretty pinkish reds, and replaced my dysfunctional microwave. I met my Grandpa at the VA, bought a case of wine. Which is why I'm perfectly okay with skipping the gym (I need to go and I want to go, but I have some GI distress and would likely end up crapping on the elliptical...) and spending much of the day reading Helter Skelter. I just found out that my TIVO has Pandora (My new TIVO has fucking everything. One day it made me a sammich.), which will make the whole experience even more enjoyable. The cats love when I sit on the lazyboy. I become their lazyboy.

I have to alternate Helter Skelter with cat videos because it gets very disturbing. Fascinating, though. Totally fascinating, and I eat up every last detail of the investigation because it's like a puzzle. And we all know how I feel about puzzles. I think I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up. Registered Nurses can sometimes be hired as coroners, death investigators, forensic nurses. There are classes to take and degrees to be had. It's an up-and-coming thing. It's something to shoot for in the future. Nothing else in nursing really makes me quite as passionate, not even research. I mean, maybe I want to do this. Maybe I couldn't handle it. Maybe it's an unrealistic goal. I'm not really sure. It would be a long way down the road, but it's nice to have an interest aside from dogs and eating grilled cheese sandwiches.

I mean, I don't mean to say that I don't have passion for my job as it is. I just know it's not something I want to do forever. I'm making the most of it for now, though. I'm taking the med/surg certification exam this month. I'm in the unit council and nursing practice council, and I'm a super user for EPIC. So, obviously I care a lot about what I do. Also, things have gotten so much better for me since I switched to straight nights.

I met Chloe, Julia's new foster, last night. She's a total sweetpea.

Dog party.
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